The Different Kinds of Tops, According to the Guys They Like to F**k

Tops are really funny. Their logic in a Gay world seems typical to that of a straight guy. At the end of the day, I think people are fluid, and some just stick to being a top, until someone is worthy enough to pop his candy. I have spoken to a few Tops (and personal experience) and their open talk gave me a smirk. Lets see how they behave and if it has any logic whatsoever.

Twinks for Sex

I agree that twinks are the best when it comes to fucking. They are small, easy to carry, and take it well. They like to be manhandled a bit. If you are into that type, you might want to try them out. But, lets face it, they would not want to date a twink. The Tops at least in the south of India are very open when it comes to avoiding anything “out of bed” with a twink.

Effeminate for Sex

I know a few Tops who don’t like to fuck effeminate guys, and look for Mascs only. But then there are those who are okay to get their dicks up any ass that’s available. But again, they are used like a piece of furniture and make their way out conveniently. No judgement. But that’s how many Tops work. But I have always wondered if they would ever like to date any guy?!

Hunks for Romance

The Answer for that question is out here. There are a few Masc guys who look for romance, and the guys they go for are proper Hunks. There is a Top guy I know who loves to convert fellow tops to bottoms, as he calls them “dependent” guys, who are top for the rest but bottom for him. I know a few guys who have fucked around, and hate romancing with guys in general, but want to romance with me just because I am not the “usual” type, which they get in abundance.

History for an Ass

Some guys ask for a Well educated, Well mannered, Well traveled, From an affluent family, who has been to an ivy league and won the Nobel prize, so that they can fuck a guy for an hour and leave for good. Hygiene and body odor is understandable. But it’s funny how they ask for all this when there is no intention to date or even keep in touch?!

Bending for the Hyper Mascs

The Stories of bending is really interesting. How if the guy is hyper-masculine, with a bigger frame and a bigger dick (or tiny ?!), they are willing to try out. Some Tops become this “dependent” guy to whom they serve their ass, because duh! They still are Tops (not Vers) because it’s just with one guy they get fucked, like every weekend (ahem).

Virgin Tops

Interestingly, these virgin Tops are those who are willing to bend, but haven’t found the “right guy” to be dependent on. They claim to be a “virgin” because they don’t get fucked. They fuck around a hundred guys, but hey, his ass is still not penetrated, Hence, Virgin Tops! Now, they wait and search with several guys until a Hyper Masc comes along to “bend” them. But might end up not finding one because he is just too Masc for them all.

Masc for Masc

They wouldn’t like Fems, and would hunt around for Mascs only. I know a guy who gets literally turned off by Fem guys. He can’t even get it up. I thought that it was just a choice and they are being pretentious, but then later it seemed more like a physical impossibility. May be he was just “born this way” and “That is who he is”. Also he wouldn’t bottom. So, he ends up looking for some who travel to his city.

Well, these are few of the logic that Top guys give out which I found to be paradoxical. Next post on “Bottom Logic”..

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