Types of Guys I have Dated

In the past few years, knowingly or otherwise, however choosy I had been, I realised that I had dated a couple of guys now and then. These guys are the kind whom we have all dated at times. Now I don’t know what I fall into though. May be I fall into all of this together.

The DemiGod

I have explained about DemiGod long before when I had ended it with one. DemiGods are, for some reason the type that I feel are approachable. Yet, they don’t let you in beyond a point. DemiGods are those social media butterflies, who post fancy pictures of the places they have traveled and the kind of food they have, and the kind of people they hang out with. They would hardly talk to you, if they do, you are under them. They have no feelings for your existence. They might be behind you, but for some reason, and to them they have enough fan following that you are easily replaceable

The Mama’s Boy

The Mama’s boy is the sweetest guy you would ever date, he is caring, sensitive, he is committed and loves you a lot. But then he loves his mother a lot more. When he meets you, he will shower you with love, but then you can’t call him at odd hours, you can’t say “I love you” or send kiss emojis to him because his mom might find out, he can’t come out of his house after 9, because his mom would be worried, he can’t eat outside, because his mom would have cooked for him. He would love you to the extent that he’ll tell about you to his mom. But then never would he have the balls to confront her about his sexuality. You know that’s gonna be the end, and after a while you wish you had someone with balls.

The Perv

We have all dated the Perv. All that he wants is your body. He talks about your eyes, your lips, your skin, your dick, ass, toes and what not. You talk anything romantic with him, he finishes the convo with “lets fuck”. His focus is on sex and sex only. He texts you when he is horny and only when he is horny. He sends you nudes everyday that you know every mole in his body and every angle. But then this shallow relationship wouldn’t last a week. There is nothing substantial with it.

The Clingy guy

The Clingy guy is someone whom we are all so familiar with, (and guilty about), you date this person one day and they want to get married to you and have kids the next. They have a problem with you posing with anyone. Anyone, even your brother, or your uncle. They stalk you all the time, and they want to be with you all the time. You don’t have any way to get him out of your life, unless you ignore him completely. He might move on and cling on to someone else later.

The Boring guy

The Boring guy is good in all aspect except that he is boring. You wish something happens when he is around but then he is kinda too boring for you to keep a conversation with. The Boring guy is so boring that you don’t have much to say except that he is boring.

These are the Top five guys I have dated in the past. I am sure you’ll have gone through such dates in the past too. Comment below if I have left anyone.

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