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कविता : एक मुलाकात

फिर एक बार तुमने तुम्हारे सपने बताये और फिर एक बार मैं अपनी ख्वाहिशें दबाने में कामयाब हो बैठा।

Sex Vs Making Love

I am usually someone who keeps it minimal when it comes to getting physical, and yet I can say that I have had the best sex, almost every time I have gotten phy... Read More...
gay romance

Millennials and Gay Romance

From the time when there were smaller online forums to meet gay men, now we have apps and wide range of people. But Millennials face other problems that comes against their gay romance

Does Love Really Exist?

Finding love in this world is hard,let alone a gay dude from India find his one true love. Has life for gay men always been this difficult ?