Millennials and Gay Romance

Of all the time, this is the best time where gay men get exposed to each other with enough privacy in the social media. From the time when there were smaller online forums to meet gay men, now we have apps and wide range of people. But Millennials face other problems that comes against their gay romance, which is as real as it gets.


Millennials have very less time (at least the successful ones), and they can spend very less time for going out or getting to know a person. They would rather have sex and get done with their urges, and get on with their work than take out time to hang out with one person, or keep an engaging conversation with someone they are interested in. With the Shift systems in the corporate world and time-line difference in long distant relationships, lets not forget how tired we get after a full day’s work.The connection is there, but the timing is off.


Millennials, unlike the generation before, are forced to live with their parents before 30. The younger lot huddle up with their peers in apartments, to whom they are not out. Place, is not only for the sex, but also to get to know a person or spend time with one.


Even with many websites and apps to connect to those far away, distance can kill relationships. While there is a connection and there are ways to connect, the lack of physical connections lead to break ups. There are always fresh faces going around your locality and you seek someone close by. With growing instances of cheating, it is hard to keep track of someone who is away from you. Sometimes, even in the same city, you can’t meet up because both are tired and can’t get a cab.


Millennials work to study, or study for work. Most of them are not settled until they are in the early 30s. Some even after. With the “high life” that they are used to, sometimes they even end up borrowing from their parents to get through a few times. Most of them stay at different cities with cabs as the only mode of transportation. Even splurge of any kind with their partner isn’t exactly happening because you end up being in a tight spot, almost broke from just buying decent clothes. Also, if they are from a metro, they have to pay enough for a fancy dinner. Especially if they are romantic, who want to give gifts and take their partner out, may be they have to wait for a while until they settle down.

Body image

With growing number of men with a great body, and the kind of attention they get (or the lack of attention if not), you kind of have body image issues. With the little time millennials get, they have to spend time in a day at the gym to work on our physique. Even though they have a good “heart” or “mind”, initial interaction is totally based on the body, and we have so many “types” that it’s hard to keep up with it. With the growing obsession about abs and muscles, millennials who don’t, can’t keep up the game.

Loose Morals

Relationships take a lot of effort, commitment and sacrifice. Mutual understanding and trust is important in any kind of relationship. But lets face it, millennials have a loose moral fiber. They can sleep around and cheating has become very common. With all the options that are available, and the lack of real intimacy, it is hard for millennials to get committed. Especially when the other factors don’t let others connect, out of sheer desperation they end up looking for someone else.

Millennials seem to be at a far better place to sexually explore and it seems interesting. But to settle down with someone for a relationship and for a proper romantic connection, we would need the time, space and intimacy. Let’s hope that we reach a better place to explore our romantic quotient, in the future.

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