Dance for Pride – An Attempt by the LGBTQ Community to Break Stereotypes Through Flash Mob

The LGBTQ community in India still struggles, awaiting for the social and constitutional justice that it deserves. Amidst this, the community is tagged with many stereotypes filled with stigma.

The LGBTQ community in Delhi is coming together to dance on the indigenous beats of Dhol – a unique way in itself to put the thought forward and show the world who they are. The event will be held at Hauz Khas Village and will start with a freeze mob followed by a powerful queer dance.

The event will be presented by SCRUFF – one of the largest GBTQ dating apps, as well as a travelling guide and social network. Originally targeting gay men, SCRUFF has become an example of the most inclusive and diverse platforms worldwide.

“Dance for pride – Breaking the Stereotypes” is an attempt to make a bold statement beyond all the stereotypes and to manifest with Pride. Dance for Pride will have open doors for whoever wants to join in solidarity with equality. SCRUFF has in the past sponsored different Pride organizations such as Jaipur and Chandigarh Prides. The app has also partnered with multiple LGBTQ events like Kashish Film Festival, Queer Carnival and DIQTFF.

Dance for Pride is being organised by Those In Need, a Not-For-Profit child organization of Lending Hands Foundation – which has works for the welfare of minorities. Through civil society engagement, volunteers support community development by organizing resources and obtaining an effective response, Those In Need provides a network platform to various NGOs, volunteers, educational institutions and others to maximise the impact of their philanthropic efforts.

Miguel Moscoso, International Marketing Manager SCRUFF, the person in charge of Indian initiatives says: “By bringing this flashmob to Delhi, we would like to remind everyone in India that the local LGBTQ people are supported and united with the rest of our community worldwide. This will be a great opportunity for us to show the beauty of our non-stereotypical colors and diversity. We want to dance for pride and pass the message in the most vibrant way we can…”

Abhishek Saini and Shreya Bhatia Co-founder, Lending Hands foundation, further adds: “We are overwhelmed with the response that we have got from the participants! We expect inclusivity and acceptance from the society and applaud the ones who have joined hands with us for this event. Breaking the stereotypes and making this a better place for all of us to live is the aim we wish to accomplish.”