Does Love Really Exist?

Finding love in this world is hard,let alone a gay dude from India find his one true love. Has life for gay men always been this difficult ?

Why do Indian men like their “MEN” fair and white ?

Is it because of the media which always portrays the hero wheatish and the bad guy black? Maybe, who knows? But gay men do have their preferences, don’t we people? We have a whole list of preferences, shit like, a guy like Zac Efron and Mila Kunis had a baby with a little bit of chest hair and sleek calves, not so thick beard but you know I can manage a little body hair. Stop immediately!

What are we trying to do ? It seems like you ordering out of a make your own sub menu! Even if we don’t have preferences we fall for the wrongest dude on the planet at times. And once in a while we do find “the one” for the night! Or the morning if you like it that way (no judgement). We certainly do what needs to be done while we are on bed. And what happens after that? Why is it always like the take away restaurant that I go to is called kum and go?

What happened to the cuddling part ? What happened to the 1760’s gays? What happened to people who had the time to sit and talk? I know this because I watch a lot of vintage porn. It’s be-cum fast and hasty. This ain’t what I signed up for. Maybe till I receive the food yes. But is it worth the wait ?

I am a very occasional user of dating sites but when I do, I feel this urge to text at least one guy a day so by the end of the year I would have spoken to 365 people and remember none of their names by then. But once in every two months God let’s in Eve inside Eden. But Eve is a fuckboy who takes care of you till you kum and go (just like the restaurant I like). Then God let’s in the serpent. The serpent is the not-hot and not-drool worthy guy who you eventually friend-zone. Serpent goes into it’s nest and lays eggs. Yeah eggs! If you can believe in a virgin giving birth this works too, suck it up.

You somehow patch up with the serpent and later you find out that he is a nice guy and that you can “do him” for the rest of your life BUT, You can’t because you friend zoned him, you ass! Then you turn yourself into a ball of wool and dead cockroaches and slowly rot away in pain.

This ends right here! Does love exist? Yes it does! Does love exist amongst humans? I am not sure, maybe. Love can be in different shapes and sizes. Love can be in the form of chocolate​ chip cookies. It can be in the form a really cute cat. It can be in the form of literally anything and long as you don’t come out of the closet as a serial killer and that is you love! Now talking about love I have to take care of my husband, my beautiful bottle of Merlot.

Have fun you guys! Use a condom, now that “fun” in the gay world means sex!

The girl in the golden stilettos.

DICKLAIMER: If you are offended, think about your priorities and how much time you’ve​ wasted in reading this. Calm your tittos and take things less seriously.
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