Poem: Section 377 – Judging It Right or Wrong

I die a bit each day, as all I see is a murky way,

Sitting on that chair in that abandoned corner,

Which only people like me use to sit and ponder.

I curse those days of 1860’s, in the antediluvian times,

When trivial ideologies prevailed,

And people recited trivial rhymes.


This paved the way for Section 377,

Which denies people like me right to love;

And the heterosexuals the pleasure of fellatio or anal,

Which this law defines as cardinal sin.

Why did the state interfere in the first place?

Breach individual privacy, which Article 21 embrace.


I’m a man who has a man in his heart,

And I know many women who desire women,

and yet many others I know are heterosexuals.

They seem so similar to me, yet I am jealous of thee,

For their love is deemed natural;

Mine is denied, citing specious reasons.


I yonder distances, carrying the queer rainbow flag.

I take pride in my individuality, for I am no different;

Yet queer I am, my ways are outlandish.

Yet many countries do approve my kind,

And even god is fine with the queerness I own.


For love sees no gender, its not always to procreate,

And it’s the harbinger of peace, not a cardinal sin.

Caging love would never be able to behold,

It’s overwhelming power which shimmers every individual.

Section 377 is really unfair, for love deserves to be awarded,

And not to be entitled for punishment.


Shubhankar Mondal
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