पापा को कैंसर था। उनके बाद गुज़रा हुआ वक़्त, अब उनके साथ गुज़ारे हुए वक़्त से ज़्यादा हो गया है। वो क्या थे? वो कैसे बात करते थे? मैं कुछ पक्के तौर पर नहीं कह सकत... Read More...

Poem: Coming Out

Thinking beyond my capabilities, Stop calling them as atrocities. Awaiting the news, I feared the worst and hoped for the best. Life was about to put my fami... Read More...

Short Story: The Silence of the Graves

Numair didn't want to correct him. Did it really matter? Would it undo things? He felt he should have been firm, but he was so helplessly in love that he blindly followed Zul in whatever he did.