Men will be Men : Toxic Masculinity

The toxic notion that men are supposed to have the aura of being rough and tough is the reason for objectification of women, ragging, hetero normative culture, misogyny, dowry, eve teasing, patriarchy, rapes and other social evils.

कविता : बंदिशें

ये किस तरह की बंदिशों में कैद हूँ मैं? क्यों इस तरह घुट-घुट के जीने को मजबूर हूँ मैं?

What NOT to say to Your Teen After Coming Out

Whether you suspect your teen might want to come out or not, all parents should know what NOT to say. Here are some careful steps to ensure that you don’t say or do anything that will take support away from your teen.

#10YearsofGaylaxy: What You Said About Gaylaxy

On our 10th Anniversary, we asked you, our readers, why they follow Gaylaxy. It was a moment for us to sit back and reflect if we have been able to make any impact in the lives of Queer people. Here are the responses that we received
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कहानी : स्वीकार

सुरेश उसकी सच्चाई नहीं जानता था इसलिए गुरमीत को डर था कि कहीं वो उसे खो ना दे क्योंकि इससे पहले गुरमीत ने कभी खुद को इतना खुश और कम्फ़र्टेबल महसूस नहीं किया था