Queer in a Metro

I have always wanted to be independent, for the fact that I believed being independent means making my own decisions and controlling my own life. Therefore, rig... Read More...

Trans Women Walk the Ramp in West Bengal

In the town of Kalyani, West Bengal, on Sunday the 7th of October, 6 cisgender women and 3 transgender women (including members of the hijra community) walked the ramp together

कविता : सुलगते जिस्मों को हवा ना दो

सुलगते जिस्मों को हवा ना दो खाख़ हो जायेगीं कोशिशें न वो हमें देखते हैं, न हम उन्हें नज़र वो अपनी थामे हैं, हम इन्हें कुछ कहने की चाहत न उन्हें हैं, न... Read More...

The Journey of an Ally

There have been innumerable number of people who have been by my side through my ally journey, educated me at each step, guided me and  more than anything been friends.