“Have you gone mad? Have you lost your mind?” Christian shouted on call. “You have your responsibilities. You have wife, mom, dad, Mansi & Manvi in your life. You just can’t run away from these many people and from their responsibilities. Are you getting me Vikram?”

Mansi & Manvi are Vikram’s twin daughters and they are now nine years old.

“I am very much in my senses and I know what I am going to do,” Vikram said. “I have lived enough for them so far but now, I want to live my life. I want to live for myself and for my happiness.”

“You want to live for yourself and for your own happiness?” Christian scoffed. “Dude you should have thought about all this before you gave birth to all these responsibilities.”

“I know and even I did so, but at that point of time getting married was the right option. Undoubtedly Shilpa is gorgeous, capable in every aspect and a perfect woman. When I saw her, the inner male in me dominated the gay in me.”

“You know Vikram, your fight with yourself has brought trouble for everyone. You wanted to sail in two boats, which is practically impossible.”

“Christian, I need you at this point of life, I really need you. I want you in my life back and for you only I have filed divorce with Shilpa. I have disclosed about myself to my family.”

“Stop it Vikram, whatever you have done is not for me it is for your own sake and for your own sex desires. You know yourself how hungry you are for sex. Every human knows about its sex appetite and so do you. Don’t put it on my head.”

“But you asked me to either choose you or Shilpa!”

“Vikram! I gave you that option eight months ago. I was expecting your response to it within a month. If you remember I had already given you a timeframe when I was expecting your response.”

“Yeah I know I took long to respond to you…”

“Long? Very long?” Christian said, “and I just can’t wait for a lifetime for you.”

“But it was your mistake, and because of which I was not able to take a decision. I always wanted you in my life. I love you.”

“Did you just say that it was my mistake? What was my mistake? Where did I lag Vikram?”

“Do you remember I came to your home and waited outside the door for half an hour and you did not even open it.”

“Oh! Just shut up. That day you were not there out-side my house. I was in my room, suffering from fever and Rohit was there with me. Rohit opened the door twice to check who’s there outside when you called me but you were not there. Stop lying.”

“I was there that day….” Vikram said.

“Shut up!” Christian shouted stopping Vikram in between.

“Christian, can you please forgive me for that day?”

“Forgiven… but I will never forget what you did to me the next day. Do you remember Vikram?”

“Yeah, I remember, I fought with you and left you…”

“Ah! Ah! It was not that simple. Let me remind you now. You came to my house after office, it was 5th May. You were in white shirt and coffee brown trouser with your executive bag. We were sitting on sofa in living room and you asked me where I was yesterday. I told you that I was at home and that Rohit was also there with me as I had fever. He was here to look after me. But you did not trust me and broke up with me. You left me crying there without caring about the fact that I was not well. You simply took your bag and headed to the bus stop and from there you boarded the bus and never turned back. It left me shattered that day. I was waiting for you whole night at that bus stop. You know Vikram, I was not even wearing footwear when I ran to stop you. I did not eat anything that night and I was suffering from fever!” Christian said, as he wiped his eyes. “Next morning Rohit and Jay came searching for me, and they found me at the bus stop. They took me home. They consoled me and made me understand what has happened was a nightmare and I should forget about it. They brought food for me and then they stayed with me for the next four days, leaving their jobs.”

“I am really sorry Christian. I am really guilty for what I have done….”

“And you know then on the sixth day you re-appeared in my life. Apologized and wanted to come back in my life but by then all my feelings for you had died. Hence, I gave you the option to either choose me or Shilpa.” Christian said, stopping Vikram halfway without caring about what he was trying to explain. “But now, you do not have that option as well. We can be friends but I can’t go in a relationship with you, rather I can’t even think about it.”

“But I have filed divorce and disclosed to my family for you. I need you Christian.”

“Vikram, pull off your mask and look at your real face. You already have responsibilities. Moreover, now I don’t want you in my life. I got my partner and please don’t call me ever again.” Christian replied & disconnected the call.