Short Story: Vrishna

“In the light of all the evidences and witnesses, the court has come to the conclusion that charges against Rohan Khanna could not be proved and hence he is relieved from all the charges against him. Court also rules out all the charges,” Justice Tiwari said, “And the court redirects the matter to investigating officer to further reinvestigate and produce all the evidences against the offender.”

“No!! It’s an incorrect verdict. I know… I know very well; Rohan has killed Varun,” Krishna yelled in the court and tried to run towards the judge but cops and his dad held him back and took him out from court.

“It’s an incorrect verdict I know Rohan has killed Varun,” Krishna repeated loudly when his dad was dragging him out from the court.

“Everything is over son. His advocate has proved him innocent,” Krishna’s dad tried to console him. “We lost this case and we lost Varun.” And his dad took him in his arms, their eyes filling up with tears.

“But I know everything dad,” Krishna said. “Rohan always used to threaten us for one or the other reason. He always threatened me to leave him. He even challenged me that he will take Varun away from me. And he did it, and he did it, dad. He ruined my life.”

Krishna and Rohan were classmates since 1st year of engineering. In the 2nd year, Varun took admission and came in to the same class. From the first day Varun started liking Krishna, whereas Krishna did not have any such feeling for him initially. But things changed by the next year. On the other side Rohan liked Varun; he was merely attracted towards Varun physically, he wanted just to sleep with him. And this is something that even Rohan’s dad was aware of. On the last day of the fourth semester, Varun proposed Krishna, which was already an accepted proposal from other end.

 Within few days of this acceptance Rohan came to know about his defeat in the race of snatching Varun from Krishna. But he was also not going to give up the chase so easily. He instead called them at their common meeting point, at a tea shop near college, Adda; and warned Krishna to leave Varun else his decision would cost them heavily. Varun tried to explain him that love is always a two-way street and you cannot force someone to love you. Focus on your career and leave us for each other as we love each other. But Rohan avoided his words and warned him again.

After few days Varun was found dead in his hostel room with foam coming out from his mouth with no other signs scuffle or any other mark on his body except a cigarette filter which Rohan smoked. A shirt’s button was found in Varun’s fist and there was shoe mark near the door step. But these were not enough as per court to prove Rohan guilty. The autopsy report on the other hand had confirmed that it was a case of food poisoning.