Gay Men are not Casteist, It is Merely our Preference

I am sick of these commies carrying all these caste and dalit banners in pride marches and bringing casteism into queer pride marches. They say casteism exists within the community and they are trying to address that. What nonsense! Who said casteism existed within the community?

Gay men are not casteist. We are merely proud of our rich heritage and have some personal preferences. It is not casteist to write in my Grindr profile “Gujjar Top”. I have not asked for any reservation based on my caste here. Everyone knows Gujjars are more manly and good fuckers, and I am a proud Gujjar too. I even have Gujjar written on my Fortuner. What is casteist about that? Don’t we have so many bottoms looking for a Jaat Top? They are not profiling on the basis of caste you fool. They are only seeking strong physical appearances of the jaat guys. Everyone wants a Haryanvi Jaat to get fucked. They are every gay bottom’s fantasy after all – tall, broad shouldered, with hairy chest and a heavy manly voice. Anyone would orgasm even thinking about those features. Where does caste come in here?

grindr, gay dating

A profile description in one of the online gay dating platforms

A profile of a Jaat Top man in an online gay dating platform

These commies even made such a huge deal of the cute gay matrimonial ad that was taken out by an activist just because he preferred an Iyer groom. It was such a revolutionary ad, and he had written “Caste no bar” as well. That given a choice, his family preferred an Iyer man, what was wrong in that? Don’t we look for people of same caste and religion in arranged marriages? It is not so much about a person’s caste as much as it is about familiarity with traditions and customs. Would a non Tam-Brahm man be accustomed to the customs of his family? No, right? Then why make so much fuss about it? And he did clarify that it was his grandmother who wanted an Iyer groom for him. Now how cute is that! Can you even imagine your grandmother being so open and understanding of your sexuality? And all you could see in that ad was the caste? Now who is being casteist here? Why can’t you understand it was merely a preference! We all have our preferences. That doesn’t make a person casteist!

And what can a person do if his shirtless selfies carry the janeuand give away his Brahmin caste. That’s part of his tradition and culture. He did not stand on the road and shout for reservations, and get into a job or college based on his caste. But look at these commies and lefties! They are doing exactly that. They carried a Queer and Dalit poster in Delhi pride. They even support reservation, and then call us casteist. Is there a greater act of casteism that caste-based reservation in modern India? They will soon demand such caste reservations within the LGBT community too!

I have decided, either this casteism at pride marches stops, or else I will stop attending these parades. Sorry, but I cannot propagate casteism. Caste has already ruined India through these reservations. I may have my preferences, but I am not casteist at all, and I refuse to be part of this commie agenda!

This is a satirical post and is a work of fiction

Sukhdeep Singh