It is not post coitus that snuggles are good for the body, the mind and the soul; sometimes cuddling and snuggling is better than sex. Don’t believe me, do your research. This post isn’t for gay men only, it rather caters to anyone and everyone that enjoys a quick romp in the sack, a relationship, a sex date and most of all- snuggles.

girls cuddling

Researchers at the famous Kinsey Institute speak of snuggles and cuddles as one of the must-do’s for a successful and a healthy relationship. If you ever get the time, browse through the Archives of Sexual Behavior which speaks of the same, and as published by the Kinsey experts.

Enough said on the research bit, here are many reasons why cuddles and snuggles are better than drilling and squirting!

A still from the movie 'Weekend'

A still from the movie ‘Weekend’

Plenty of bonding

Daily cuddles and snuggles helps with bonding, and makes the two of you come closer to one another. Whilst the bodies of the two touch each other sans being in a sexual act, a cuddle or two brings the closeness much needed. There’s nothing robotic here, and the two of you still feel connected with a cuddle- not a word needs to be exchanged and yet the emotions are sent across, loud and clear.

men sleeping cuddledMore intimacy

Cuddling and snuggling makes you get closer to him, physically and more possibly than ever. Imagine it to be a hug, prolonged, and those that are necessary for us as well. Did you know, without hugs, humans can perish faster? Physical affection is a must, and what better way to do that than to have cuddles and snuggles with kisses thrown in- don’t we just love that constant care, touch and affection from him, when he snuggles and cuddles? And yes, his hot breath on your ears when you do that, is a priceless act too!

couple cuddlingMore passion

He may be tall, short, skinny, lanky, fat, obese or just about a bear or a petite man; who cares? Cuddling with someone special of any body shape and any body type and getting all tangled with the bloke when you are trying to best cuddle and fit him into your arms, or vice-versa, seems funny at first- funniness brings in the passion, doesn’t it? This is especially after all the push and shove you manage to fit in cozy, and then the look in his eyes says it all!

men sleeping cuddledConsider it as an act of foreplay

Cuddling away can lead to throwing away the laziness and helps relax the body too. And there is a lot that can happen over cuddling; one moment you cuddle, the next moment you both are naked, with foreplay on in full-swing. Need we say more?

women sleepingYour partner gets playful

Sometimes your girlfriend gets all playful, caressing your breasts, poking her nose deep within, whilst your face is over her long flowing hair- how romantic is that? Maybe her feet are too cold, which now rests against your thighs, but that is exactly what intimacy in a cuddle and snuggle is all about. No judgmental behavior, only pure bliss and that’s how she shows more love to you. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is!

women sleeping

“A 2014studyin the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that couples who cuddle after sex report more relationship and sexual satisfaction. Why? Physical intimacy, likecuddling, encourages us to pursue more. As co-author Amy MuisetoldWomen’s Health, “Since it makes us feel good, we’re more likely to want to do it again, and we get closer to each other in the process.” (Source: get to know the real him or her

In most cases, men and women who look tough and rough from the outside, are actually softies from within! Don’t believe me, give him that cuddling love and watch him coo like a pussycat purring for more. He or she tells you how much they enjoy a physical touch, and also would drop hints on how they want the sex to be like, if it happens a while later. So there you go, another benefit of cuddling watching TVHealth wise speaking

Talking of snuggles and cuddles, health wise you should know that there are many benefits for the same. A recent study shows the release of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone playing its beneficial role for our bodies and our mental health when cuddles happen. In addition to that, cuddles make you feel sexy, especially when your partner teasingly explores every inch of your body; pre and post sexual intercourse. Dopamine too is released, which helps enhance sexual desire and we all know the benefits of sex, don’t we?

Cuddle tonight or cuddle as and when you can; don’t miss a chance on it darlings!


Rohan Noronha