What happens when one of your parents accepts you and the other doesn’t?

Upasana is a young professional working in Mumbai who identifies as lesbian. In this video of the web-series ‘Connect Conversations’, she talks about her life. Among other things, she talks about attraction in school, having boyfriends just to conform, her first love, and coming out to her parents. That was a precarious situation for her since her mother was quite cool and open about it while her father, not so much.

Learn more about her by listening to her speak in this video in Hindi (with English subtitles) below:

Connect Conversations is India’s first LGBTQ-themed web-series, consisting of LGBTQ people talking about their stories and experiences. It is a part of ‘Saathi Connect’, a project by some members of Saathi, IIT Bombay’s LGBTQ resource group, that seeks to document stories of LGBTQ people and allies in Indian languages.

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