Watch: ‘Extraordinary Love’ – A Beautiful Song Celebrating Love of All Kinds

Sayantika Ghosh, a singer-songwriter from Mumbai and signed under Spring board Records, released her first EP in April. The album has four songs, of which the video for one of the songs- Extraordinary Love-was released recently. The video features various couples – gay, lesbian and straight, going about their life.

“It isn’t easy to stick through a relationship, when we have our own identity issues, living in a society that’s bred us to think we can only be a certain way… we think we are not worth being loved, and that’s what the song is about,” tells Sayantika. So the lyrics go:

This is an extraordinary Love in an ordinary world.”

We are not perfect, neither others are… But both of us are hurt and healing from these ugly scars…

The lyrics of the song are beautiful, and by the end of the video, you find yourself humming it too. The song and the video is a stark reminder how an “ordinary” act of loving someone in an “extraordinary” world can be full of challenges. Watch the song below:

Sukhdeep Singh