Watch: Superwoman Lilly’s Therapy Session For Homophobic People

Trolling and hate comments on the internet are a real (and big problem). Minorities, especially LGBT people, are often at the receiving end of such trollings. Common comments include – ‘Gay people are sick and need to be treated’, ‘God never intended such behaviour’, ‘it is unnatural’ etc. Even today, LGBT people are given shock therapies and taken to quacks and psychiatrists to “treat” their homosexuality and make them straight. But what if the tables turned, and it was homophobic people who were taken for therapy sessions and made to realise they were wrong?

Well, that’s what popular Youtuber Superwoman Lilly Singh does exactly! Sick of the comments that she finds on the internet targeting gay people, she decides it is time for a therapy session for homophobic people. She counters each comment with her with and sarcasm, and in the end has an advice for such people – “If you opened your mind half as much as you opened your mouth, we will all be in a better place.” We couldn’t agree more!

Sukhdeep Singh