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Are You Faking it?

Inter- and intra-community dialogue and team building activity can be considered to enhance communication and supportive relationship in the LGBTQ community.

​The Politics of Shame and Mental Health

The lack of discussions around the politics of social interactions between multiple forces and the mentally ill person at the intersection of these forces needs to be broken, because existence cannot be free of politics, and any non-conforming act or condition will be met with the weapon of shame.

All You Need To Know About Common Dandruff

Dandruff is often confused simply as 'dryness of scalp' but flaky skin is not due to dryness but excessive oil secretion. So oiling the hair as treatment is usually counter-productive

Leap of Faith: Destigmatizing Mental Health

Nervous about broaching the topics of mental health, mental illness, and sometimes of intense or unpleasant emotions generally, we further proscribe discussion of these topics and the challenges that we all face.