Spa Treatments – An International Flavor

The gay community has a long history with spas. As The Hornet highlights, spas have long been a place of respite for the gay community, both in the modern day and in less permissive times. Spending time in the spa is a good way to give a nod to that history and, as exotic or ‘rediscovered’ treatments are showing, creating a real path to holistic wellbeing. That’s true whether it’s cosmetic treatments, or natural interfaces between the human body and the environment around it.

Jungle inspiration

Many of the most iconicspa treatments come from the jungle. Mud baths, herbal remedies, and the natural surrounds of many spas are derived from the very natural and very alive surroundings of the rainforests and jungles of the tropics. Indeed, many of the plants found in nature have directly beneficial impacts on health; according to European Scientist, Cat’s Claw has long been a holistic cure for many aches and pains and is part of the natural makeup of the rainforest. Bringing that into oils and rubs during a spa day can be beneficial.

Heat treatment

Elsewhere, the use of steam and heat to provide wide-ranging health benefits is something to be cherished. Open Access Government highlights the huge impact regular sauna use has had on Finnish citizens, some of the happiest and longest-lived people in the world. Sauna in itself doesn’t seem exotic, but some of the traditional practices of Nordic people, such as pairing the sauna with ice-baths and cold-water swimming, can bring in a distinctly foreign-feeling edge to the spa.

Blood cupping

Cupping, and specifically ‘wet’ cupping, is an ages-old Arabic practice also known as hijama. This involves making small cuts in the skin and then using suction cups to draw blood, at pressure, from the wound. Oddly enough, the practice is also common in Finland, but hasn’t caught on in the rest of the world. Pseudo-medical in origin, the practice is nevertheless at home in the sauna, and can help to alleviate a wide range of minor yet troubling health conditions such as muscle soreness and heart problems.

A little nod to the global tradition of spa treatments reveals some exotic treatments. Cultures across the globe have been practicing them for centuries. Those health benefits can be found in the spa, a historic safe space for the gay community, enhancing the benefits of heading to the spa to a further degree.