Now that homosexuality has been decriminalised in India, many members of the LGBTQ community are wondering when gay marriages will become legal. Dating app OkCupid reports that 82% of women (and 55% of men) wish gay marriage to be legalised, with very few of those surveyed actually being against it. If you are a couple who wish to celebrate your love, you can (at present) hold a private ceremony that celebrates your love in the company of friends and family or make a promise for the future with a special ‘promise ring’. If you are in search of a piece of jewellery that symbolises your lifetime commitment, check out the following trends in ring design.

Diamonds are a Boy’s Best Friend Too

If in the past, diamonds and other precious gems were usually found in high-end women’s jewellery, today, they are gracing men’s jewellery as well, with many finding their way to elegant wedding bands in metals like white gold or platinum. If you decide a bit of sparkle is up your street, ensure that your chosen diamond is pure and beautifully colored. You don’t have to opt for transparent hues; diamonds come in many hues, including pink, yellow, and green, so why not choose your favorite color of the rainbow? Indeed, you might choose a ring with stones in various colors to celebrate diversity and breaking out of the mold.

Getting Close to Nature

If you have decided to celebrate your wedding abroad, then you may decide to do so by the light of the aurora borealis, on the shores of a crystalline sea, or in the heart of a lush green garden. According to Lonely Planet, some of the Top 10 gay wedding destinations include Hawaii, Cape Town, and Tahiti – all of which have one thing in common: their majestic landscapes. If you and your partner are into nature-filled getaways and you love all things to do with the environment, let it show in your ring. Pick a natural stone like emerald or jade, or consider something different – such as treated wood embedded into the metal itself.

Mixing Metals

One of the coolest trends taking over wedding bands is that of mixed metals. Couples are opting for beautiful styles featuring three different colors of gold, as well as additional embellishments such as a diamond detail in the centre of the ring. When it comes to ring designs, there is thankfully much more freedom and creativity in the past. That is, men’s wedding bands are now being paid with pave diamonds, and bands for all genders are graced with engraved decorative designs and gems. Stacked rings are also big for both sexes. Why opt for just one ring when you can celebrate every year together with an additional ring?

The great news for those wishing to give each other a promise ring or celebrate a wedding, is the fact that the old-school wedding ‘band’ is fast becoming replaced by more creative, stylish competitors. From mixed metal rings to diamonds on men’s and women’s rings, there is no cannon to be followed. The truth is that your promise or wedding ring is one that you should ideally never take off, so why not make it something that truly expresses who you are from the get-go?