Cultivating Self-Acceptance And Identity After Coming Out

Gay acceptance is growing in India with roughly 76% of the population now supportive of homosexuality. If you’ve recently come out to your family, but still don’t feel completely comfortable with who you are, you can change this. By working on strengthening self-acceptance and your identity, you’ll feel happier and more confident in all areas of life.

Practice self-acceptance

If you aren’t comfortable with your sexual orientation, other people will in turn find it difficult to accept you completely. Working on self-acceptance will boost your confidence and the way you come across to others. Remember you have the right to love who you want and no one can take that away from you. Gay people are no different from anyone else in terms of desiring happiness, relationships, and love and having dreams and goals for life. It can also be helpful to recognize that you’re a multi-faceted being and being gay is just one of many facets — just like having blue eyes, being artistic, or an upbeat disposition is. Although you may be different to your family and friends, you can choose to live life authentically and true to who you really are. 

Express your individuality

Everyone is unique in their own individual way. If you find your identity doesn’t match up with conventional norms, embrace that. There’s only one you and you should be proud of who you are. Even simply experimenting with fashion and style can be a fun way to express and embrace your individuality. Additionally, trying out different colognes can help shape your personal style and the impression you make on others. Wearing colognes and perfumes can boost your confidence and attractiveness and help you feel less stressed.

Find gay friends

After coming out, it’s common for any internalized homophobia you had prior to still exist and even become stronger. In turn, you may feel reluctant to socialize with other gay people and frequent the gay scene. However, spending time with others and finding gay friends is important for your own journey to self-acceptance. You’ll also benefit from being able to talk about issues like relationships, sex, and family with like-minded people going through similar things. So, make an effort to socialize with others; social media is a great place to start. 

Although coming out can be a confusing time, it’s a great opportunity to work on cultivating your identity. By practicing self-acceptance, expressing your individuality, and finding gay friends, you can become comfortable and confident with who you are.