Watch: Four Queer People Talk About Love and Their Relationship in this Beautiful Video

February is celebrated as the month of love, but when society speaks about love, it is almost always about heterosexual love. From the movies to the books, the love stories that are written and celebrated are always between a man and a woman. But what does love mean for queer people? Do they experience love in the same way that heterosexual people do? How do queer people fall in love, and how do their relationships develop? Does the non-acceptance of queer love bring in greater difficulties? How do they navigate the challenges, and celebrate their love?

With that in mind, Gaylaxy and The Filmy Nook collaborated for a very special video, with four different queer people from different spheres of life talking about their relationship and what love means to them. We had Dhrubo Jyoti, a journalist and a professional queer; Uppa Tsuyo Bantawa, a poet and androgynous person, Grace Singh, a demisexual woman; and Sukhdeep Singh, the founder of Gaylaxy Magazine; talk about their own experiences of love and relationship.