In The World of God

Christian CrossGod has created us all, He will love everyone equally, writes The BigDreamer

“The Bible did not arrive by fax from heaven” – Dan Brown

The Bible is a product of man. Not of God. The Bible didn’t fall magically from the clouds, neither did any of the other religious books. Man always wanted to dominate. It’s clearly seen in the way we create our world out of nature, destroying nature. We dominated the animals saying we have six senses. Similarly we have dominated women by telling about the apple Eve had tasted. Announcing Eve was made from Adam’s ribs. A complete lie! God has created us all, He will love everyone equally. Being gay was quoted as a sin, if so, why did God send us this way? It is not a disease or illness, it is just like the colour of your skin, hair, eye- they were decided when you were born. It is obviously the attitude of these men to dominate over others, and they did dominate us using the Bible. A true child of God, who believes in God alone, will know that this was the cheap attitude of few men, to corrupt God’s messages to us with their own principles.

Indeed, they achieved what they wanted, haven’t they dominated animals and plants, gays and lesbians, and women over centuries? Finally the day has come, women are about to gain their equality. Gays and lesbians have started fighting for their rights. Man has understood the balance of the world, understood his mistakes of extensive needs he created for himself.

It is time for human beings to get together against gender, orientation, age, caste, religion, race, language and the difference between them and work along with Nature to create the “World of God”.

The Big Dreamer
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