A Gurugram based woman recently shared on Twitter, the conversation she had with her grandad over her sexuality. Tweeting under the handle of @DayaDarwazaTod, the 31 years old woman narrated how her grandfather had been pressuring her to marry for a long time, since she is the eldest and her 3 younger cousins had already got married.

On her 31st birthday this year, her Grandfather asked her to get married again. But later in the day, her father showed him a video of her talkshow with Suhani Kohli about her coming out.

Her grandfather, after watching the video told her, “I saw that video and I’m very proud of you. You’re very courageous and had I known earlier there would have been no harm. It takes a lot of strength to do what you did and I hope that you can still get married some day.”

The woman has a message for everyone:

Sukhdeep Singh