5 Safest LGBTQ Destinations in the World

It’s 2019, so basically, we think we can go anywhere in the world, regardless of our sexual orientation and preferences. However, the truth is somewhat different, as not every country is very LGBT-friendly. Take Russia, for example – no matter how rich a history they have, the government is completely against the LGBT population (the Pride parades have been banned and will be banned for the next 90 years or so), so going there might be a good choice if you want to go sightseeing, but you can never show who you truly are. And why would we do that? Are we embarrassed? Definitely not, and who cares about such countries after all. So, if we want to have the best trip of our life, or simply go somewhere for a gaycation, we need to know which destinations to have in mind. These are the five safest LGBTQ destinations, so hitting one of these is a perfect idea:

West Hollywood, USA

We already know that San Francisco is the gay capital of the world; we also know that NYC is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the USA: However, perhaps we want to spice it up a notch, and find a different place to travel to. If this is the case, then going to West Hollywood might be an excellent idea. It would have been completely bizarre for this place not to be gay-friendly, as it’s the place where all the gays from the world come in order to make a living and create the perfect American-dream like life. It’s safe for all the gays, regardless of age, and many streets are lined with pride flags.

Margaret River, Australia

Even though the whole of Australia is pretty open-minded, and you will encounter gay-friendly people no matter what place you visit, if you’re not up for partying all night but simply visiting a distant country with your boyfriend, you could hit a smaller place. One such is Margaret River, a small but very beautiful place with amazing beaches. Not only is this place beautiful to experience, but you will also relax to the maximum – so it’s here you should go if you’re tired of those sleepless, party nights. It’s also known for its wines and beers, so visiting a brewery in Margaret River, trying out new kinds of beer and spending some time there is a very authentic way to spend your holiday. It’s definitely a placid place worth visiting.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Now let’s move to something more oriental. One of the most progressive cities in the world, and not only in the LGBT sector, is Tel Aviv in Israel. And can we say that the gays in Tel Aviv are simply to die for? If you want your personal Aladdin or Jafar, this is the place you should visit. Israel is also a country that’s extremely rich in culture and religious culture (hey, Jesus Christ was born there!), so if you want to get the best of both world – sightsee and party – book your ticket there. You can also take a one-day trip to Jerusalem – it’s quite worth it.

Brighton, UK

Believe it or not, it’s not London that’s the gay capital of the UK, but Brighton. So yes, if you want to experience the best of the British culture and still be a guest in the gayest city of the Kingdom, Brighton is the place for you. Brighton has become an even more important gay destination, thanks to the Trans Pride that’s been taking place here for more than five years. You won’t just be witnessing some of the most authentic British architecture by taking a stroll through Brighton, but you will also see many same-sex clubs and bars, and even same-sex couples who reside there very happily.  And London is only half an hour away by train!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is always a great destination, not only for the LGBT community. It’s an extremely fun and lively place, so why isn’t the saying “What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam”? After all, all the legal marijuana and magic mushroom can definitely make a person feel extremely special and ready to do some new and crazy things. If you want the best of the best, make sure to go there during the Canal Parade, which is one of the largest prides in the world.

Of course – you can always go to Madrid, New York, San Francisco or Paris. We already know that these places are super gay-friendly, but these five offer something special indeed. So, pack your bags, book your tickets and have a great trip!