Gay bullying- video by Jonah

jonah mowry

A young teen Jonah has posted this video of his recently that makes your heart melt and want to give him a big hug. Picked on and bullied in school and probably unable to share his agony with anyone else, he decided to let it out by posting a video. When we have so much to tell, when we are about to break down, it might be difficult for us to speak out. The kid also chose not to speak out by talking, but rather, in a very matured way shares his experience by showing various cards over which he has written how things are difficult with him at school, how though he might be looking happy, it is a fake smile that he wears and there is a lava inside waiting to burst.

And as he starts showing the cards one by one, the happy face has now tears rolling down the cheeks and can be seen sobbing. He shares how he has had suicidal tendencies, yet, he acknowledges that he is strong enough and there are a million reasons for him to live.

The video has the description, “IM NOT GOING TO KILL MYSELF. I JUST NEED TO GET THIS OUT HERE.” Jonah, you are so much more mature than your age, and so much more stronger than many people in this world.Yes, at times we just need to let it all out. I am glad that you did, and all the comments and responses to your video must have proved to you that there are so many people who actually care for you and your well being. As you said yourself, there are a million reasons to live, and all the responses just prove your point.

I have watched the video for over 10 times now, and a simple act of Jonah has brought out the pain and agony of so many gay children who get bullied at school. You have become a champion for the cause Jonah Mowry.

Love and hugs.

Sukhdeep Singh