Is monogamy the word?


I entered the gay scene with the idea of finding the one person that I would love for the rest of my life. I had restrained myself for 23years from giving in to the pleasures of love making just to wait for my man. All, just to find the first love of my life later that year. Here I am 8months by, back to being single being disappointed at my first failed attempt. Is this how I am going to be for the rest of my life? Am I brave enough to trust and love another guy? Infinite questions run in my head just after one relationship. Now I am in awe of the countless homosexuals in the country, who have succeeded in finding their life partners after God only knows how many failures. Is this the reason due to which the majority of gays in India prefer one night stands to long-term relationships? Yes or so, people say, stating that it’s because of the oppression of gays in the country, or that how can we bring on new generations by being gay, Do gays actually live together?, Gay men should marry, You cannot be openly gay in India and several other reasons for not sticking to a partner.

But I disagree. For I know for sure, that I will stick to my pursuit of finding the guy of my life irrespective of how many times I am disappointed with failures.

Sukhdeep Singh