Gaylaxy and FII to organise 4th Pride Wikipedia Editathon on 15th June to Celebrate Pride Month

Gaylaxy Magazine, along with Feminism in India, will be organising the 4th Pride Wikipedia Editathon on 15th June at India HIV/AIDS Alliance, Delhi. The editathon will be a day long event where participants will gather together to create/update wikipedia pages on Pride Marches and LGBTQ Activists of India.

Feminism in India, an intersectional feminist website, organises Wikipedia editathons each month exploring various facets of gender in India, thus increasing content on women and marginalized communities on Wikipedia as well as training women to create and edit Wikipedia pages and hence increasing the number of women editors.

Since 2017, Gaylaxy collaborates with FII during pride month to hold wikipedia editathon on pride marches held in various Indian cities. When we started out, there were only 4 wiki pages related to pride marches of Indian cities. In the last two years, we added 12 wiki pages related to pride marches being held in different Indian cities, and updated the existing 4 with latest information. Another editathon on trans-rights activists was held in April 2018, in which we created 6 new wiki pages and updated another 14. This year too, we will be updating the existing pages and adding new ones.

The editathon is in line with Gaylaxy’s mission to make queer resources and information available online. With Wikipedia emerging as an important source of information for the world, it is important that information related to pride and other queer events be available on Wikipedia. As a crowd-sourced online encyclopedia, anyone can create/edit pages on Wikipedia by following its rules and guidelines.

During the event, the first hour will be dedicated to introduction and briefing on how to create and edit articles on Wikipedia. Then participants will work in groups or individually on a pre-made list of pride marches in India which lack representation on Wikipedia. At the end of the day, all of this newly made Wikipedia pages will be collated. Anyone who is willing to help and create Wikipedia pages. No prior knowledge of creating/editing Wikipedia pages is needed.

This day long event will be held on 15th June 2019 from 10:30 am to 5pm at India HIV/AIDS Alliance, Kailash Colony, Delhi. Participants must bring their own laptop. 

Registration for the editathon must be done online by filling up this form. (Click here)

For more information, check out the event page