Indonesian Police Raids Gay Club in Jakarta, Detains 141 Men and Charges Them under Strict Anti-Pornography Law

More than 140 men have been detained after police in Indonesia raided a club in the city of Jakarta that they described as “gay prostitution ring being run out of an entertainment venue”. Indonesia has strict anti-pornography laws and Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono was quoted by media as saying that they had “detained 141 men who violated pornography laws.”

A Reuters report states that 10 suspects, including the owner of the club and several staff members, had been charged, while other were still being questioned. The Guardian reported that some of the men were also forced to undergo HIV tests.

This raid comes just days after two gay men were sentenced to 85 lashes in the Aceh province of Indonesia, which is ruled by Shariah Laws. Another Muslim majority country in Asia – Bangladesh- had police raid a gay men’s gathering and arrest them on 19th May, but later charged them with possession of drugs.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, except for the conservative Aceh province which is ruled by Shariah Law. However, the LGBT community in the country is facing increasing harassment and attacks in the recent months under a conservative government.

Sukhdeep Singh