Being Gay in India

Gay pride

-Agnivo Niyogi

India is a nation which has its feet in the twenty first century but soul in the sixteenth. A society where generation gap stares bluntly at your face, it is but natural for the young to be reined in within a limit of “morality” which essentially encompasses everything that would “embarrass” the family in the society at large. Family ties outweigh individual aspirations and thoughts are chained to the fetters of traditions in this society which never dares to dream beyond the evident.

Sexuality as a whole is a banned object of discussion in a family discourse. Mention of the S word in any family gathering will earn you stares and silent reprimands. Such “dirty” talks are better limited to the dark of the night or the abbeys of the closet. It is but natural for such a conservative society to adopt the “silent mode” on alternate sexuality.

Homosexuality is avant-garde, anti procreative means ordained by God. Nature does not permit you to turn into a beast by devouring the members of the same sex – Oh aren’t these traits of pedophiles, lusty men who have united to kill the institution of marriage? Have we not heard these lines times and over again? Curious questions regarding sexual fetish, gazing look trying to decipher the untamed beast inside, sermons of morality tantamount to warnings against going on a warpath with God, do we not bear it with silent screams every day?

Fighting a battle with the society becomes easier when we have the support of the family. But tragically being gay in India is a tragic battle; fought without the blessings of the dear ones. The journey is a sojourn which sets you up against yourself. They say homosexuality is a disorder, some yoga therapists claim to have its cure too, well at one point of life the disorder does get into you. Having been made to realize how you have shamed the society and family, life poses the question of life before you. Being gay in India is the choice that you make – between life and after life.

In life you die and in death you discover the zeal to live. Gay is synonymous to happy, ironic, for the term is applied to whom happiness is denied at the cost of honour. But being gay in India is also about the struggle for happiness and dignity. Being gay in India is above all a responsibility to let our future generations realize the value of equality, fraternity, liberty and justice.

Being gay in India is all about being an Indian.

Sukhdeep Singh