Gay Marriage Performed in Indore as Two Men Get Married to Please Rain Gods

In a bizarre incident, a gay marriage was performed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh to please Indra – the Hindu rain God. According to reports in various media, the marriage was performed in a traditional Hindu ceremony, with the two grooms performing seven pherasaround the fire.

The two grooms Sakaram Ahirwar and Rakesh Adjan, both of whom are married and have children, were dressed up in wedding attire. The wedding procession, or baraat, of Sakharam came to the mandap, with guests dancing to bollywood numbers. Indore has had less than normal rainfall this monsoon and so locals believed that getting two men married would please the rain gods and help bring more rain.”There was no bride. Both Sakaram and Rakesh were grooms in this marriage. They tied the knot as a gesture to draw Indradev’s attention for good rain on Indore,” organizer Ramesh Singh Tomar told Times of India.

The wedding guests were stunned when it started raining during the wedding, and considered it a validation of their superstitious belief. The two men returned to their respective wives after the marriage.


Sukhdeep Singh