Adarsh Indian Homo

Adarsh Indian Homo (Illustration by Aritra Paul)

  1. Is caste blind/casteless
  2. Attends gay parties where “no cross-dressing and TGs” are allowed
  3. Takes Part in Pride Parade but fumes at the feminine gay guy
  4. Has a Grindr Profile with words like “Straight Acting”, “Masc”, “No Feminine guys”, “No Uncles and Oldies”, “No Bi”, “Hunks only”, “fair guys only” in it
  5. Is not a “sex seeker”.
  6. Takes out a “caste no bar” matrimonial ad.. But still prefers one of his own caste
  7. Thinks asexuality is just a phase
  8. Watches Rupaul’s Drag race but wants men “who act like men”
  9. Screams slogans for Queer pride but thinks feminism is unnecessary.
  10. Is clueless about what Intersectionality is
  11. Thinks lesbians don’t exist.
  12. On usual days, would be heard saying “My sexuality doesn’t define me,” But during Pride could be seen shouting : “We’re queer, we’re here!”
  13. Sincerely believes drinking cum does not make him non vegetarian.
  14. Says “caste is just a preference for ‘shared’ values”; fishes for a hookups caste by asking questions like “are u vegetarian at home?”
  15. Has ‘discreet’ in dating profile and would not hang out with out gay men.
  16. Demands the right to say no to certain ‘types’ of men, but cries foul when he’s rejected for not being someone else’s ‘type’.
  17. When ‘out’ of the closet they keep the closet doors open to go back into it, whenever needed

(With contributions from: Akhil Kang, Rituparana Borah, Dhrubo Jyoti, Dharmesh Chaubey, Aditya Bondyopadhyay, Moulee, Rudra Kishore Mandal and Hay Ash Nair)


Sukhdeep Singh