Through my personal journey I have realized the world may be cruel at times. It’s difficult to be different, yet to survive in the society, but being in the closet is extremely suffocating, lonely, and hopeless.

My Shade Of Gray

I wish I didn’t have to put on this mask every morning. I wish I could walk up to that insanely handsome guy sitting on the opposite table in the canteen and tell him about the tingly feeling I get each time our eyes meet
Planetromeo India

Love? Sex? May be PR!!

A scene from the movie PR SEX or LOVE? One Night Stand or a Relationship? That seems to be the eternal question that hounds the gay community, and that is t... Read More...
cup of tea

My Cup of Tea

At first I was always the one to firmly propose that love doesn't have a place in me. The feeling of it used to sound rather absurd. Having some sexual relation... Read More...