Love? Sex? May be PR!!

Planetromeo India

A scene from the movie PR

SEX or LOVE? One Night Stand or a Relationship? That seems to be the eternal question that hounds the gay community, and that is the theme for the next short movie – PR (Public Relations) of Nakshatra. With PR, Nakshatra will have a total of 5 short movies in his kitty, in a span of just 1 year!!

It is no coincidence that the movie is named as PR, an acronym for a popular gay dating site in India called PlanetRomeo.PR (Public Relations)can be called as a sequel to his first short movie Logging Out.Both the movies revolve around online dating, but instead of picking up from where Logging Out left,PR (Public Relations)seems to be a shadow of Logging Out for a major part, until it moves on with the story. If Logging Out dealt with the disappointment of a gay teen out to find love online,PR (Public Relations) tells the story of the teen after his disappointment, and seems like a story well known to most in the community, where misty eyed romance gives way to the reality of sex, and physical desires finally rule the roost.

On his part, Nakshatra has improved a lot in the art of film making and also his acting skills. Through the various PR messages that the movie displays, Nakshatra is able to capture the different kind of responses and profiles one typically comes across on the site. While Logging Out was an amateur’s attempt,PR (Public Relations)shows the skills that he has honed over this one year. After a kiss in his movie Book of Love, he hasn’t shied away from a racy scene in this movie too. As of now, he says he will be putting down his director hat as he embarks on a new career, and so it could be sometime before we get to see his next project.

The movie premieres at a Gay Bombay Event today (14th July) at National College, Bandra (Mumbai) at 3:45pm.

Sukhdeep Singh