With Independence Day approaching, it’s time to demand #FreedomFrom377


India will soon be celebrating 69th Independence Day, but after more than 60 years of freedom from British Rule, have we truly given up the British chains of enslavement? Sec 377 is a stark reminder that not every individual is truly free from the clutches of British rule.

The folks behind the Missed Call campaign have come up with yet another campaign- a video campaign targeting Sec 377. Titled “Raise Your Voice – #FreedomFrom377” the campaign aims to highlight stories of love and acceptance through shot videos, and also show how Sec 377 is affecting the daily lives of queer people.

You can be part of the campaign too. All you have to do is shoot a video on your webcam, mobile phone, or cameras with your straight allies – friends, family, colleagues, mentors or well-wishers and answer the following questions:

  1. Your coming out experience.
  2. What does freedom mean to you ?
  3. Difference in daily lives because of Section 377 curbing that freedom.
  4. Message to people, nation and political leaders for Independence Day.

Upload the video on YouTube and share it with Queer Collective India by emailing the YouTube link to QueerCollectiveIndia@gmail.com.

The organisers have already kick started the campaign with the first video. Watch it below:

Sukhdeep Singh