Please Keep Kids’ Toys Away from Gender Norms

At every juncture, kids are molded into these twisted gender-driven robots by their parents and those around them, that by the time they reach adulthood, they turn into the same cardboard cutouts of the generation that went before them, ready to dole out the same bullshit about gender norms

The Tough Work of Sexuality

We have to address the binary construction of dominant heterosexuality with all its institutions and the ways it has inscribed itself in our psyches. There is a bigger Law at play and that is the law of the psyche.

My Gender Is Not Separate From My Race

I wish I could be as colour blind; I guess life will be easier. But I do not have that privilege, my brown self follows me, clings to me, like the aroma of my Bengali cooking does to my winter coat. So it is not possible for me to talk about my gender and gender presentation without talking about my race.

Caged In Masculinity

Every minute of each day, in some shape or form, we are made aware that we do not meet the standards of masculinity or femininity.