Today is World Environment Day.

Diversity is at the core of the nature. Any species of nature always has multiple varieties. Any grain as a species has multiple varieties. Therefore diversity is natural!

Anyone that destroyers this diversity is against nature. Few people or corporates like Monsanto are trying to destroy this diversity. They are commercializing few “commodity crops”. For example in case of cotton and brinjal, BT cotton and BT brinjal were promoted as the only crops and therefore, killing other multiple varieties of same crops. To the extent, we know its fall out in India. Farmers committed suicide due to market mismatch. This is called ‘Monoculture’ as opposed to diversified and conservational agriculture. As exemplified, these hideous act of few corporate are not only killing nature but also directly murdering farmers.

In the same way, human species is also quite diverse. Diversity is present in culture, ethnicity, religion and also gender and that is Natural.

Like Monsanto, there are powerful entities in our lives who promote “Monoculture” in humanity. This prominent thought of destroying gender diversity in human and promoting only two varieties/ binaries, is called “Patriarchy”. Patriarchy is Monsanto, in gender movement. It tries to bind us within two varieties, Male and Female, quite simple as BT brinjal and BT cotton.

As, in environment, diversity is natural in gender!

Killing that variety is rather unnatural! Whole queer rights movement is fighting that “Gender-Monsanto”!

Therefore on this World Environment Day, I, as an environmental activist, do reaffirm my fight against promotion of “Monoculture”, be it in crop or in gender! And I call for solidarity across environment and gender rights movement against greedy corporate and patriarchy!!

Long Live Queer Rights Movement!

Kaushik Hore