Unable to Understand how CarryMinati’s Roast Was Homophobic? Then watch these Youtubers and Igers Explain it to You


By now, you must have either heard of or seen the CarryMinati “Youtube vs TikTok” roast video. In case you haven’t, we suggest you read about it here and update yourself. The video was finally taken down after massive outrage from the LGBTQ community. On Gaylaxy, two pieces that were published talked about the issues with the videos, and how it harms LGBTQ individuals.

But many people, especially his supporters, have been claiming that the video doesn’t talk about LGBTQ community, or there are no homophobic slurs. Neither do they think that the words he uses in the video are problematic in any way. In case you are one of those, we have compiled a few videos from Youtube and Instagram that explain why the roast was called out for its language and derision towards LGBTQ community and why it got deleted.

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this video deals with the recent video of tiktok vs YouTube and the way queer community was forcefully dragged into a matter which was not even related to us. please make it reach out the people sitting at the top of hierarchy to make our voice loud and clear. we won't tolerate our identities being used as slurs.

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