Thinking beyond my capabilities,
Stop calling them as atrocities.
Awaiting the news, I feared the worst and hoped for the best.
Life was about to put my family through an unforgettable test..
Why don’t they understand that I love him above all
he is the only one who can make me whole..
That handsome tall blonde haired guy took my heart…
It all started with the way he looks at me..

I’m exhausted from smiling every single day
When I know the pain won’t just go away…

When I told my parents it only made them yell.
I’m told it’s unnatural and I should be ashamed,..
They said I am a curse to the family..
Ruining their fame and destiny..

They said guys don’t like guys…
But it was my guy who stood with me
When I was in my darkest,
he was just the light I need….

He is mine forever..
And I am incomplete without him….


Melvin Varghese
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