Make sure you bite his neck or collar bones to begin with- teach the Top how to be your slave for the night. This is one of the many fantasies most bottoms in the gay world have- don’t you dare disagree, because most bottoms shag about it thinking of the same.

So hi, I am back to tell you what you can do with your tops this winter season- why winter? Coz after the fucking heat and deluge, Fall as a season is all about cuddles, whilst winter gets most of the sex hormones running. So yeah, let’s talk sex- this time though, how to make your top be your slave.

Role reversal babe!

Now if you want to do all of this solo, with someone (threesome) or with many bottoms to a top (orgy and gangbang) go right ahead- the choice is yours and no one’s judging (except of course the losers that shag in secrecy for every fantasy on this planet, and then claim to be holier than thou, pay them no heed).

Disclaimer: Don’t like this post, don’t worry, go read a book which satisfies you or just hide and watch porn on these lines and then claim to be ‘sanskari’, whatever!

Double suck

Your gay behenas or sistaaas, you can get them over for a rollicking time. Have the top lay butt naked on the bed, and double suck him till he cannot take it anymore. Remember, the aim here is to tease the mofo till he can hold no more; stop right there and ensure that he does not cum too soon. If he does, cum swap bitches- tops go wild when being double sucked. And they get wilder when they watch two bottoms cum swap.

Double rim

Punish your top by placing his head down and in a doggy position. Gently bring your mouth closer to his anal opening, and give him the wettest rim job he could ever imagine. At the same time, your gay behena too should be at his anus; rimming away on the double will make him beg you for more- you boys then can decide the next course of action- should it change to something else or not. Make sure you eat him wild though.

Raise them legs up

Make him wilder by getting your top to lay on his back, legs in the air. The two of you (bottom queens) roleplay being sluts. Lick his toes and gently admire (with your tongue) the calves and every inch of his lower leg. Slide the tongue onto the back of the knees and then to his thighs, all the way to his inner thighs; embrace the aroma of his pulsating manhood, hear his moans, nibble his balls and frenelum (check my post on the frenelum) and double suck him off.

Ride him like there’s no tomorrow

Without creating a scene or a fight, one of you bottom boys sit on his phallus and ride him, while the other takes his seat on the tops lips. Well only a versatile top would agree to rimming a bottom, coz you know, indian so called tops don’t rim (whatever)- two bottoms on their man, will drive him wild.

Bottom to bottom

Tie your top with handcuffs, keep him hard and erect and with a surprise start jacking off, rimming and smooching up the other bottom guy; right in front of your top. He will be ecstatic and wanting to be in the middle, but do not let him. He needs to moan and beg for the chance to be the man between two queens, but you two shall not let the crown fall off your heads. No matter what!

Sex toy acts

If you have sex toys, and with consent, use them on the top. Lubricate the toys though so that no injuries happen. Gently rim your top and slide the anal beads in. If he is pretty adventurous, gently push in a dildo or a vibrator- do not force it into him if he has never done sex toys before. It can be painful and annoying; so do ask for consent.

Oil him up

One take the front and one the back; change in a couple of minutes, so that both of you have pleasure and fun, with the top. Use essential oils mixed with a carrier oil- most gay men use ten drops of lavender oil to a cup of coconut oil or olive oil, to massage their men. Lavender it seems is an aphrodisiac- try it and let us know.

Talk dirty

The more desi the better with that trash talk. Tops love it and so do bottoms and the versatiles too- stop pretending you don’t. With every sexual position and move, dirty talk is a must. Look into his eyes and feel his breath whilst doing that though. Tease his nipples and eat his chest at times, bite behind his ears, the neck and the collar bone when enjoying him.

Cum on his chest and balls

For some reason, tops love watching their bottoms cum- ON THEIR CHESTS AND BALLS. Watch porn and you would know. While the top wants to cum on your face most of the times, he would like you to cum on his chest and balls, and it turns him on. Both you bottom queens can cum together on one place each or the same place. But do let him know!

Let him cum for two

Both the bottom queens should kneel by his throbbing manhood- this allows for the squirting to be right on the lips and the face. Once the cumming is done, don’t forget to cum swap or lick it off each others face, and to double suck him clean and dry. He will ask for round two in a jiffy.

Listen to his moans

It tells you a lot. And you would know what to do and when, but keep it at a tease level, without giving him too much at one spot.

And those were just some of the tips gathered for your wild-wet-winter fun! Have safe fun, consensual fun and enjoy the winter while it lasts.


Rohan Noronha