The One Year That Was

India's first Online LGBT podcast

Jub We Talk

Online LGBT Podcast Jub We Talk completed a year. Anuj Arya recounts the journey they have covered till now

As a child I would often see my father help my elder brother create a nest for birds. Soon they shifted from little small and cozy nests to a bit bigger homes. It was heart warming to see various different birds in different colors, shapes and sizes come and be there in homes made for them. We have kept all the “homes” at our terrace and I used to observe those little twittering creatures flutter their wings, play with each other, rest and leave when they felt like. Since then I always wanted to make a HOME, where any and everyone would be welcomed with open arms. Well, I am proud to say that now I helped in building Jub We Talk.

About Jub We Talk:

Although it is heartbreaking to still explain about Jub We Talk, even after a year of existence, I would still not fall for the safe assumption that everyone here knows about Jub We Talk. Jub We Talk, primarily is an online podcast channel where one can dedicate songs, share opinions, have discussions etc, just like any other radio talk show and well, a lot more. It was infuriating to see straight people having so much fun over the radios whereas the members of the LGBTQ community were refrained from any such pleasure. We thought it was about time we got equal. One thing led to another and hence we came up with a Facebook page as well, which is making steady indoors to the hearts of people all over the world.

Big steps ahead:

The next big step for Jub We Talk is going to be its own blog. The blog is in the making and we aim to make it a place that would have kaleidoscopic view to our lives. I would not divulge details, but all I can safely claim is that, well, it is going to be epic.

We believe:

Jub We Talk has always believed that LGBTQ rights are not any special rights. These are human rights. The main aim of Jub We Talk is to just take it light. We have had enough of drama to last for a lifetime. All we need is love, and friendship, and companionship and fun (which does not necessarily involves and exchange of bodily fluids.)

Come along folks!!

So, if you wish to hop down to a fun place, interact with like minded people, have a little repartee or tete-a-tete with the admins, Jub We Talk is the page where you should be. And to catch all the fun that we have planned for our first year anniversary bash, you should really hop down to our Facebook page. I am all charged up and I am over there, on our Facebook page, waiting for you all. It will nice if you’d drop by.