Jub We Talk – India’s first Online LGBT podcast

India's first Online LGBT podcast

Jub We Talk

After online magazines, it is time for online podcasts. RJ Raw writes about Jub We Talk, India’s first LGBT podcast

A college going 19 year old geek decides to do something in his time off for the people of a community, called LGBT, to which he belongs himself. Calls up a few friends, with affirmatives, negatives and non-believing critics’ reviews, the online podcast called Jub We Talk comes to life.

JWT, as abbreviated, started as the sole endeavour of RJ Savvy, with his friends of the same community, for the sheer purpose of connectivity and entertainment along with a slice of activism impregnated into it. Since August of last year, one monthly episode is released online on the website www.jubwetalk.in which includes love-struck couples and “diljalay ashiqs”, friends and not-so-friends all dedicating songs to each other like any other radio show you come across. To infuse more entertainment, KJ, a Delhi-based music student does the oh-so-famous “Bakra”, featuring people getting into really embarrassing telephonic conversations revealing their dirty little secrets.

The podcast also features Soul Talk with Rohan, in which Rohan, who runs his personal podcast, does a guest appearance, helping people with soul curry-like sessions, discussing and comforting various situations encountered by queers in daily life. It also has a regular appearance by Anuj Arya, another Delhi-based freelancer, who airs not once but on two slots, The Love bites, where one can find crispy little intimate mushy moments and on the other hand grave critical soul-touching sessions pertaining to love and allied areas. Another of his slot, Love Guru (sometimes in tandem with Rohan), gives everyone a lesson about how to deal with normal queer situations which we never really think about, but crib for sure. Dealing with the romantic side of what can be and must be done in order to get to our goals in the love orb.

The most interesting of all topics in JWT are Famous Personality, in which conversations with LGBT activists and like fames are showcased to enlighten listeners with the timeline and experiences of queer world including our very own Sukhdeep and Harrish Iyer; and Topic of the Month, in which various grave issues pertaining to lifestyle are primarily focussed and reviewed from people living and experiencing them to help fellow LGBTs.

The most recent addition to JWT is the Raw Side, which will be released in alternation. Hosted by RJ Raw, this side of JWT deals with the momentous and vital issues which are rarely discussed and are sometimes considered taboo. Apart from dealing with contemporary gay in straight situations, this part of podcast deals with bringing gay world to reality openly and maintaining the integrity of it as such. It also deals with the kinky aspect of gay life, sex, and hook ups, STDs and airs expert medical advice. Another considerable slot is Jub Stars Talk, an astrology section dedicated solely to gay predictions about love, life and money.

India’s first online LGBT podcast, as it is called, JWT is growing at a commendable rate, and with increased listeners and yet to come sections dealing with deeper gayer insights and suggestions about the lifestyle of LGBT youth in India, is now also planning to expand into gay-friendly straight community and dynamic horizons of activism.

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Rohan Noronha