5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Watch the ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’

Angry Indian Goddess

Every man wishes to decipher the personality of a woman. Angry Indian Goddesses is already winning awards at Film Festivals abroad, and is being billed as “India’s first female buddy comedy”. But this is a movie not just for women, men have many reasons to watch the movie as well.

1. The movie gives a chance for men to get to know women in their life better. It depicts seven different personalities of women. Every girl will relate to the goddesses and men will be curious to discover it in their woman.

2. Each character has uniqueness and a trait that is entirely different than the other. The movie shows how different kinds of women interpret and react differently to undesirable situations.

3. The movie will show men how wild, bitchy, lovable, ferocious, sensuous, happy, sexy, silly, crazy a woman can be. So don’t miss the opportunity to watch and learn from this fun film.

4. The movie will show some of the hidden desires a woman has that leave men thinking that how entertaining and unpredictable a gang of girls can get.

5. Each goddess has defined their own journey and built a certain attitude towards life and justified ‘why they are the way they are’. They are confident about themselves and one just needs to accept it, respect it or live with it.