When Miki Ratsula first heard about the implementation of the new law imposed by the Sultan of Brunei she was shocked, disheartened and knew she wanted to respond in the best way she knew how – through her music.

Her new single, “Stones”, released on April 19th, beautifully and emotionally describes what it’s like for gay people to live in a reason than their sexual orientation.

Produced and co-written by artist, producer and songwriter, Brandon Rogers (Troye Sivan, Alec Benjamin), the song’s minimalistic production highlights Ratsula’s angelic and truthful voice.

The lyrics tell the story of both a young boy who is “specially different” like the artist and a young girl who is wearing “a pink dress that falls to her ankles like chains”.

Ratsula relates to the stories of young people trying to navigate through society while being hated only on the basis of who they love. No stranger to homophobia and bullying, it was important for Ratsula to stand up for the LGBTQ community for the atrocities being committed to queer people globally. “Although the LGBTQ community has made monumental strides in recent years regarding acceptance, I truly hope that “Stones” will spark further discussion around the fact dehumanized to a point where they are tortured to death legally in 2019. We still have so much more work to do.”

“Stones” is available on all streaming platforms.