OnePlus Mobile’s new Video is About LGBTQ Equality in India

One Plus India has come out with a video supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and the reading down of Section 377 by the Supreme Court. In sync with its motto of Never Settle, the video urges people to “Never Settle for Inequality”. The video has 6 LGBTQIA+ people sharing their stories of growing up and facing abuse and ridicule from friends and family.

Sonal Giani, a bisexual activist, narrates how she was outed in college without her consent and mocked for being queer. Navin Noronha, a stand-up comedian, tells how he had to censor his hand movements due to the comments of people around him. Mark Mascarenhas , a drag queen and make-up artist, shares how he was bullied in his school by 15 boys. Navya Singh, a transgender model, was thrown out of her house by her father for being trans.

All of them then share how they have overcome all the difficulties, and have come to own their gender identity/sexuality, and be successful in their life/career.

Watch the video below


Sukhdeep Singh