Aarambh Foundation, a Delhi based organisation working on addressing health, economic, social and human rights issues of LGBT community members in and around Delhi, organized a community consultation with Delhi based Trans-Men and Trans-Women on 8th December. The consultation was held to support the process of formation of Transgender Welfare Board in Delhi and developing community recommendations that will then be submitted to the Social Welfare Minster of Delhi Government.

While in May 2018 it was reported that AAP govt. will set up a Transgender Welfare Board in Delhi soon,Manoj Benjwal, Founder Trustee of Aararmbh Foundation, told Gaylaxy that nothing much has moved forward in that direction, and hence this community consultation was initiated to come up with recommendations and proposals that the Government could use, and to push the government for the formation of the Board at the earliest.

Advocate Ms. Ambalika Roy chaired the session and Mr. Manoj Benjwal facilitated the overall session, while a number of trans men and women took part. At the end of the two hour consultation, some demands that came forward included extending the SRS facility at subsidised rates at government hospitals for trans men as well, and developing guidelines for the transition and SRS process for Trans-Men and women with active involvement of India Medical Association (IMA).

Aarambh Foundation also plans to develop a documentation on good practices implemented by Transgender Welfare Board in various states in India and share a copy with Delhi state government for clear understanding of successful implementation of Transgender Welfare Board.

Aarambh Foundation plans to put up the recommendations online for comments from the community, andcan be reached ataarambhindiatrust@gmail.comfor further and broader communication from Trans-Men and Trans-Women community members.

Sukhdeep Singh