The wait is over!! Second episode of the web-series ‘All About Section 377’ has been released. You can watch the first episode here.

About the Series:

This story is of a homophobic man from Haryana a ‘Jatt’ who comes to the fast city of Mumbai to make a name for himself and has to stay with his cousin who he finds out is homosexual but with nowhere to go he shifts with him. He is in a real pickle when he finds out that his cousin’s bf also stays with him. A man who cringed his nose at the mention of anything homosexual has to now stay with two of them. And if that wasn’t enough along with them stays their loose tonged wise guy Bihari servant who has an opinion about everything.

Ducking and dodging through the days and sleeping with one eye open in the nights his journey of sweet revelation and funny incidents form the crux of the story and brings to the forefront the transparent thread that binds two people irrespective of their gender.


Sukhdeep Singh