Baba Ramdev Admits He Can’t Cure Homosexuality

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who has been one of the most staunch opponent of homosexuality in India and has repeatedly claimed that he can “cure” gayness through yoga, has finally admitted that he can not cure homosexuality.

These revelations come in a yet to be telecast Television interview, where the interviewer repeatedly pestered the homophobic yoga guru about his claims, and the methods that he will employ to cure gay people. Baba Ramdev admits that there was no particular asana in Yoga that would turn someone straight, and that he had never tried any such method on anyone.

Baba Ramdev also reveals in the interview that he had been bluffing all along, as he knew no one would come to his camp for a change of sexual orientation. He says that Ayurveda offers no “cure”, neither does it classify sexuality as a disorder.

In the interview, Baba Ramdev can be seen being visibly upset when the interviewer narrates some real life stories of how his hollow claims affected the mental peace and health of young gay and lesbian individuals, whose families persisted that they change their orientation through yoga. He apologizes to the viewers, and also promises to withdraw his petition filed in favour of retention of Section 377 before the Supreme Court. He says that he will lobby with the BJP to pass a Bill for amendment of Section 377 in the Parliament.

The explosive interview will be telecast on Sunday 3rd of April at 8 PM.

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