Watch: Karan Johar Gives the Best Advice to Gay Man Married to a Woman

104.8 Ishq FM, the newest FM channel, is as the name suggests, dedicated to the matters of the heart. Karan Johar hosts a show called Calling Karan for the FM channel, with listeners calling in and telling him their problems related to love and relationships. In one such recent episode, a gay man calls Karan and tells him that he got married under family pressure a year ago, and feels terrible about it, but doesn’t know what to do.

Karan first counsels him and tells him there is nothing wrong in him being gay, and he should be proud about it, but also makes him realise that what he did was wrong, and that her wife deserves the truth. He also tells him how his short movie in Bombay Talkies shows a similar story of a woman married to a gay man, and the emotional abuse she faces because of that. Karan advises the man to talk to his wife honestly, and not prolong each others suffering.

Watch the entire conversation below:

Sukhdeep Singh