10 Captivating Pictures from the 10th Delhi Queer Pride 2017

The 10th Delhi Queer Pride was held on Nov 12th. Thousands of people marched down the streets of Delhi, demanding repeal of Section 377, and equal rights for LGBTQ people. The March started from near Barakhamba Road and ended close to Jantar Mantar. The smoggy weather of Delhi could not dampen the spirit of people. Here are 10 pictures from the pride march that caught our eye.

A dense Smog has engulfed Delhi-NCR for the last one week, and Sunday was no better in terms of the air quality. A lot of people could be seen walking with breathing masks. This particular marcher demanded his right to breather free – both from 377 as well as the pollution.

Delhi Pride, Gay Pride

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has been pretty vocal when it comes to supporting the LGBTQ community in India. He has also tried to introduce bills in Parliament to repeal/modify Section 377. No wonder he has a large fan following in the LGBTQ community. But this particular participant had a proposal for Dr. Tharoor. Wonder what he has to say to this fan!

Delhi Queer Pride, Gay Pride

Yes, there are Gay Sikhs too, and these Gay Sikhs came out openly expressing their identity!

gay sikh, delhi pride

delhi Pride

There’s a lot of Islamophobia within the LGBTQ community. But these Muslim men combatted that with the Allah Loves Equality poster.

gay muslim

And this man in Rainbow Burqa found a unique way of expressing solidarity with LGBTQIA+ Muslims

rainbow delhi pride

And not to miss the Asexual community!

Delhi Pride

This lady totally rocked it in the Rainbow Saree!

delhi gay pride

And so did this Guy in a Rainbow jacket

gay pride

Someone’s going to be grounded by her parents soon… But all’s fair for pride.

Sukhdeep Singh