Watch: The Coming Out Story of Gaylaxy Founder Sukhdeep Singh (And How the 2009 Delhi High Court Judgement Helped Him Find Acceptance)

Supreme Court of India, on 6th September 2018, finally ruled Section 377 unconstitutional and decriminalised homosexuality. The judgement is expected to give a major boost to LGBTQI people and their struggles. Prior to this, the 2009 Naz judgement of Delhi High Court, which had decriminalised homosexuality, had also led to the society acknowledging about homosexuality and opened the gates of discussion amongst public.

Gaylaxy founder and editor-in-chief, who was still in college, had just come out publicly and was the only openly gay person in his college. He shares his coming out story in this video. His friends too talk about how they and others reacted to finding out that he was gay, and how the Delhi High Court judgement of 2009 helped them in accepting their friend and also gaining knowledge on the topic.